9th February 2019 A District level student Seminar

A Seminar on Current Trends in various fields like, Economy, Commerce & IT , Religion & Culture ,  Social and Political and Education was held.

Around 63 papers were presented by the students of the department in various themes.


3rd Thanki Janki –Sem-4 Theme Economics

2nd Vaishnavi Ghediya Sem-4 Theme Commerce and IT

3rd Adatiya Askha Sem-4 Theme Commerce and IT


2nd February 2019 Suduko Competition

On the 2nd Feb. Suduko competition was held under the study circle activity. Around 25 students participated in the competition. It was organized by Prof. Mital Jethava.


1st Ruchi Karia sem – 2

2nd Savjani Vaishali – 2

1st February 2019 “A Visit to ICICI Bank”

On 1st Feb. the students of the department who are specializing in the subject of Banking & Finance were taken to a visit to ICICI Bank, Porbandar branch with prior permission of the Manager of the Bank. The students were made aware about various functions of Banks. He also mentioned about the recent development in the banking sector which is Digital Kiosk from which the customer can directly enter into any transaction himself.

31st January 2019 Debate Competition

On 31st January 2019 inter college Debate Comp. was arranged by JCI in which the students of the Department actively participated. In the completion, the team of the students of the department Krupali Lakhani Sem-4 & Khatvani Bhakti Sem-2 will represent the college at district level.