Examination forms for students of Sem.5 and Sem 3 are to be filled by 12th Sept. For Sem 5 and 15th Sept. For Sem 3. So, please take into cosideration.


25 -8-2018

On the spot elocution competition was held in the study circle activity. It was organised by Dr. Rushi Pandy and judged by Salima mam.


1. Use of Internet

2. Time management

3. Syllabus of Commerce


1. Lakhani Krupali Sem 3

2. Solanki Muskan Sem 3 & Ahuja Ishika sem 1

3. Goraniya Riddhi Sem 3 & Salet Sakshi Sem 1

11-8-2018 Playground activity

On the 11th August the students were taken to the ground and they played.

1. Volley ball

2. Cricket

3. Kho kho

4. 100mt. Race

These games were played to make them aware about the rules and regulations.

28-7-2018 ‘ AD Mad show’

28-7-2018 ‘ AD Mad show’

In ‘AD Mad Show’ around 15 groups took part in it. It was organized by Prof. Pooja Acharya and judged by Prof.Vipul Dasani and Prof. Mital Jethva.


  1. Odedara Jalpa and group sem-5
  2. Mansi Joshi and group sem-3
  3. Aska Adatiya and group sem-3

26th July, Thursday

A visit to smt. J.V. GEMS school by 14th students of B.com English Medium. All the students engaged the students of 1st and 2nd std. of the school. While they waiting to be injected for MMR Vaccine ( measles, mumps and rubella) for the campaign undertaken by the government of India.