16th January 2019 Expert Lecture on Time Management

On 16th January 2019 Expert Lecture was arranged for the students of Sem 6 and Sem 4 of the Dept. of Commerce from SunShine School of Management Rajkot. Prof. Chirag Paun gave the lecture on time management and Prof. Sameer Dhodkia gave the lecture on Interview skills.


12th January 2019 Expert Lecture

On 12th Jan 2019 an expert lecture on the guidance for “How to prepare a paper for seminar presentation and how to present it” was given by all the professors of the Dept. of Commerce EM.

5th January, 2019 PTA Meeting

On 5th Jan. 2019 the Parents Teachers and Alumni meeting of Dept. of Commerce EM was held.

Mrs. Nirja S. Agrawal the Principal of Yaghyavalkya Vidhya Mandir was the chief guest. Alongwith her Bharatbhai Visana (working trustee) and Shri Sanketbhai Joshi (Campus Director) were also present.

First of all the lamp lighting ceremony was done by the guest and parents present there. Then after the guests were welcome with flowers and report of 2017-18 was presented by Prof. Mital Jethava along with PPT. Around 45 Parents and 20 alumni students were present in the meeting.

Feedback session from parents, alumni and present students were taken. Then after the inspiring speech was delivered by the chief guest and Visana Sir.

The students of Sem- 6 were awarded with the excellence in various fields.

  • Best performer in Academic: Aswani Bharti
  • Most Obedient : Hemdani Aamna
  • Best CR : Atri Hiral
  • Best Mentor: Vyas Janki
  • Best Performer in Sports: Vagha Mayuri
  • Best Performer in co curricular: Odedara Jalpa

Then the certificates of study circle and HRM course were distributed.

Then after the shiv stuti was performed by the students of Sem-2 and a fusion dance was performed by students of Sem-4. Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Rushi Pandya.

22-12-2018 ‘Sports Day Celebration’

On 22nd Dec’18 , ‘Sport Day’ was celebrated games like volley Ball, Kho-Kho, Chess, running 100 mt,200 mt and slow cycling race were held. Sports Day was celebrated with great Zeal by the students.

In volley ball team, Hetal’s team won the toss and chooses to service first. Then in both games there was a tie. So one round was played and varsha’s team won the match by 4 points.

Winner: Kuchhdiya Varsha Keshubhai

In Kho-Kho, Hira’s team won the toss and decided to sit first. Within 10 min, 12 players were touched. Then in the second half also 11 players were touched and won the match.

Winner: Hira Kuchhidiya and team.

100 mt. around 21 students participated.


  1. Bhutiya Jagruti Sem-4
  2. Paun Khyati Sem-6
  3. Rathod Hiral Sem-6

200 mt. around 8 students participated winners:

1st Jagruti Goraniya Sem-4

2nd Jagruti Bhutiya  sem-4

In Chess around 6 participants.


Bapodara Santok Sem-6

20-12-2018 Industrial Visit for HRM students

On 20th Dec, 2018 an industrial visit was arranged for HRM students from the college to Saheli Gram Udhyog, Bagvadar and Navgrah temple. Around 20 students went to visit with Prof. Mital Jethava and Prof. Pooja Acharya. They learned how to make handmade items.