23-12-2017 One minute Game

On 23rd December 2017, One Minute game was arranged. It was organized by Prof. Mital Jethava, Prof. Kotecha Janki and Prof. Pooja Acharya.


  1. Vara Nikita SEM-2
  2. Suryavanshi Dipti SEM-4
  3. Odedara Jalpa SEM-4

16-12-2017 Story making competition

On 16th December story making competition was held in study circle. Around 15 students participated in competition. The students had to develop the story by analyzing the picture.

This activity was organized by Dr.Rushi Pandya and It was judged by Dr. Sulbhaben Devpurkar and Prof. Kotecha Janki.


  1. Mirisha Jani SEM-2
  2. Odedara Jalpa SEM-4
  3. Savjani Jahnvi SEM-6 and Arti Rughani SEM-420171216_08374120171216_085510.jpg

8-12-2017 Poster Making Competition

On 8th December, Poster making competition was held in the study circle. Around 25 students participated in the competition.

Topics were:

Make in India


Youth of India


This activity was judged by shri chandni singadiya and Krutika Girnari mam.


1.Hamdani Aamna (sem-4)

  1. Salet Chandni (sem-6)
  2. Jani priya (Sem-6)

Odedara Jalpa (sem-4)

4.Tekwani Neha (sem-4)


23-9-2017 Navratri celebration

On this day Garba ,Dandiya and Arti decoration competition is held in the study circle.


  • Dandiya Decoration

1st –Kotiya Janvi – B.com sem-1

2nd – Odedara Jalpa-B.com sem-3

3rd – Majethiya Hetal-B.com sem-3

  • Aarti Decoration

1st Piprotar Asha –B.com sem-1

2nd Kotiya Janvi-B.com sem-1

3rd Atara Nency –B.com sem-5

  • Garba Decoration

1st –Piprotar Asha-B.com sem-1

2nd – Majithiya Hetal –B.com sem-3

3rd– odedara Jalpa –B.com sem-3

Gaushwami Virali B.com sem-5

Even the entire college celebrated Navratri.

Pankhaniya Nehal was awarded as princess of the college in Traditional round.

Teacher’s Day celebration

On 5th September 2017 a teacher’s day celebration was held in the college. Best  teachers were awarded with a momentum for the same.


Sem-5  Savjani Jhanvi

Sem-3  Vyas Janki

Sem-1  Lakhani Krupali

Rakhi,card and patriotic song Competition

This time petriotic competition took place in study circle which included solo song, Card & Rakhi making competition.

Around 10 students took part in card making.

Around 15 students took part in Rakhi making.

Around 20 students took part in singing completion.

Singing competition was judged by Prof. Mital Jethava & Prof. Vipul Dasani and Card and Rakhi making competition was judged by Prof. Pooja Acharya & MS. Sunita Popatiya.


Expert lecture on GST

Today in study circle activity an expert lecture on GST was arranged by JCI members President Kalpesh Amlani and former President and CA Biraj Kotecha. Students were benefitted and got clear idea about GST and its implementation.20170722_080957.jpg20170722_081003.jpg